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From a book I’m reading on culture and language in modern times:

“The wish to live as intensely as possible has subjected humans to the same dilemma as the waterflea, which lives 108 days at 8 degrees Centigrade, but only 26 days at 28 degrees, whit its heartbeat is almost four times faster, though in either case its heart beats 15 million times in all.  Technology has been a rapid heartbeat, compressing housework, travel, entertainment, squeezing more and more into the allotted span.  Nobody expected that it would create the feeling that life moves too fast.”

—Theodore Zeldin


Check this out!

A great infographic on the advantages and reasoning behind bike commuting and/or general bike riding.  Go forth and cycle.

This is a post from the Dear Sugar column in which the author writes a letter to her younger self.  It’s powerful and wise, happy and sad, and, above all, blatantly honest.  It made for an intense read this morning.

Louis C.K. is, as usual, very crude in this latest internet go-round, but I heartily agree with the guy.  What does it matter?  Giving equal rights to homosexuals doesn’t affect the rights of heterosexuals.  Period.

This guy is impressive.  He unplugged from all social networks, from all email, and from his phone, and went old-school.

If I didn’t think I would immediately get the shakes, and if I didn’t need my phone/email for work (and if my mother wouldn’t freak out because she wouldn’t know if I was going about my daily routines or “lying dead in a ditch somewhere”), this would be an epic challenge.  Although, paradoxically, I would want to blog about it as I went.  Damn you, technology!