So, I’m confused.  When the concept of a “super committee” was introduced to effectively balance the budget, this was my initial reaction:

A Super Committee!?!  These guys will save us!  They’ll figure it out!  Make concessions!  Demand sacrifices!  Two parties combine to form a logical, non-political group to guide the country to better economic times!  Hoorah!

Apparently, that wasn’t the case.  It seems that the political posturing is taking precedence over common sense, and everyone feels the need to blame it on the other guy.  I’m wondering if these politicians understand that their actions look to the rest of us like a pre-school classroom: someone has spilled the chocolate milk and the kids are pointing fingers and hiding under tables instead of cleaning up the milk.  The entire country is looking to you to be mature, reasonable, and intelligent individuals.  Apparently, the American political system has become so polarized that honest conversation cannot take place.

On top of that, this pledge by so many Republicans that they will never ever ever in a million years raise taxes is a bit ridiculous.  Shouldn’t we all as citizens help pay for a better infrastructure, more help for those who are trying to become educated, a little assistance for senior citizens who are having to work at grocery stores and gas stations to pay for medications, and some decent healthcare for all of us?  If I were a cruder and more direct person, I might tell these congressmen to “Man up, and grow enough testicles to tell your constituents that they have to pay for shit.”  But alas, I am not.

In plain words, here is my thought on the super committee: this abject failure by the so called “Super Committee” is, in my eyes, completely asinine and, quite frankly, unacceptable.  Get with it, guys, and figure it out.