Obviously, I know everything.  I know the ins and outs of economics, of education, of the science of global warming and overpopulation and quantum mechanics.  I know exactly how governments work; democracies, theocracies, monarchies, republics, communist nations, secret societies and dictatorships.  I know all about religions from all over the world.  I know the idiosyncrasies of the achievement gap, income gap, and the reasons for prejudices toward the Others;  other races, genders, religions, sexual identities, cultures, etc.  I know everything.

The problem is, the above paragraph is a lie.  I don’t know much.  I wish I knew more, and I’m endeavoring to learn.  In the meantime, my knowledge stems from my own experiences, which are admittedly limited.  That doesn’t keep me from having some strong opinions about how the world is developing, and luckily, the Internets provide a forum for such unsolicited points of view.

Bear with me as I put my thoughts forth.  I am more than open to discussion, questions, rebuttals, and good old fashioned facts.  Just don’t be a jerk.  Please.